Is your paint deteriorating?

The secret is out! The Gold Coast is the place to be!

But… do you know what all the sunshine is doing to your paint job?

It’s common knowledge that the ultraviolet (UV) rays are damaging to human skin, but these rays also oxidise and damage the paint on your vehicle. Over time paint on your car can begin to deteriorate, take your bonnet for example! Your engine generates heat, which in turn heats up the bonnet of your car from underneath, then you park in the sun while you go to work or at the beach while you go for a swim. In the hot sun, and with the heat of the engine, the paint pores open (yes, it has those!) absorbing moisture and dirt. Soon enough the damage is done and your car begins to look worse for wear. So, how do you protect your paint job? Here are three easy steps to make you paint job last longer.

First, and most simple, wash your car regularly and get rid of the bird and bat droppings as soon as you see it! Start by parking your car out of direct sunlight so the soap doesn’t dry onto the paint before you get a chance to wash it off, make sure you use a soft clean mitt or a sponge so you don’t scratch the paint. Once you’ve finished washing, take the time to use a clean chamois and dry the car off. If you leave the car to air-dry, you’re leaving minerals from the water to sit which can lead to spot damage.

Next, garage you car, park in the shade! Each time you find a spot in the shade, you are helping to prolong the life of your shiny paint job. You’re also helping to protect the interior trim and any rubber trims on the outside. Not to mention, your car is cooler for you to get back in to when it’s time to leave again!

Finally, invest in a good quality wax and use it! A good wax will help your paint job stand the test of time, it’ll help to bring back that gorgeous sparkle that belongs to a new paint job. Wax creates a thin layer to protect the paint by insulating it from the elements and some wax has sunscreen within it; just what we need on the sunny Gold Coast.

As with anything, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last. If you need any more information, or your paint work is past a wash and a coat of wax, give us a call! We’re only too happy to help.

Currumin Autobody Repairs – 0755343444

4 Leonard Parade, Currumbin Waters QLD 4223



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