Paintless Dent Removal


What is Paintless Dent Removal?untitled

Paintless Dent Removal, also known as PDR, is a repair technique used to remove minor dents from a vehicle. The technician uses specialty tools to massage and push the dents out from behind the panel, glue and specially designed tabs to pull the dent from on top of the panel and ‘tapping down’ to remove any high spots and perfect the repairs.

When Can Paintless Dent Removal Be Used?

img_1300xPDR can be used on steel, aluminium or plastic but a successful repair will depend on a number of factors including flexibility of paint, how stretched the area is, the intensity of the impact and where the damage is located on the vehicle. Usually, the more shallow dents can be easily removed but the deeper and sharper the damage, the more difficult a repair and more likely it is to require paint work.

Hail damage, car park dents, minor creases, large dents and damage to the vehicle’s swagenational-hail-group-before-and-after
lines are among the most common uses for PDR. However, the method is also used by smash repairers to minimise the use of filler for conventional repairs; known as ‘push to paint’.

Very sharp creases or dents may not be suitable for repair by PDR.


For more information or to organise a quote, please call us on 0755343444 or visit 4 Leonard Parade, Currumbin.




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